Does you water heater need a service?

During the winter months I receive numerous calls regarding the replacement of a hot water unit. It is essential to get your water heater serviced every four to five years.

Why is it essential to get my water heater serviced?

Storage heaters, including heat pumps and solar systems in particular have a sacrificial anode (some models have two) which are recommended to be replaced every four to five years, this saves the tank from rapid corrosion due to electrolysis in stored water. The relief valves are recommended to be replaced every five years, these will relieve the pressure build up along with excess temperature during heating and very hot days, this protects the tank from splitting. The internal components of instantaneous and storage units also need to be cleaned for optimal performance during heating.

How will I remember to service my unit?

When a water heater is installed or serviced by Frank Britton Plumbing Pty Ltd your details will be entered into the system for a service reminder in four years. You will receive a reminder email, if you haven’t unsubscribed from the mailing list.

Does your water heater need an upgrade or replacement?

Regularly we get calls because the water heater is broken and needs replacement. We can get your water heater replaced on the same day. Many enquires involve upgrading the existing water heater to an instantaneous water heater, providing the provisions allow for instantaneous. time frames can vary from same day replacement to 48hrs.

If you’re looking for an upgrade we can provide expertise and knowledge to help you make the right decision. If you have been experiencing issues with your water heater we strongly recommend upgrading before waiting for your existing unit to fail, this will avoid possible delays at returning to normality.

Give us a call today to book a service or replacement!