Gas servicing is essential to keep your hot water system or room heater working at optimal performance, and not to mention for safety!

Water heaters

Water heaters generally need servicing every five years. However, for longevity of the water heater we recommend servicing every four years for storage and instantaneous units, this will include cleaning and greasing components along with replacing minor parts that play a major part in operation of both the gas and plumbing components. Some people prefer the gas components to be serviced every two years for maximum gas efficiency.

Room heaters

A room heater service is a vital requirement, it is recommended that every two years a thorough clean and safety component check is performed. If a routine service is not carried out on a room heater it can be potentially hazardous in your home during operation. Carbon Monoxide and sooting can occur as a result.

How will I know if my room heater is due a service?

We recommend servicing every two years, usually the room heater will be stored away during the Summer months. If your room heater is stored for prolonged periods and in an environment in which dust and dirt collects, it is advisable to service the room heater prior to use. When switching on your unit look for a blue pilot flame, if you see a blue flame the flame is operating at complete combustion. If you see a yellow or orange flame this is an indication that your heater will require servicing before regular use, it is recommended to book in a service as soon as possible.

If you book with Frank Britton Plumbing for a service, we will also check that the ventilation is compliant and safe. Many homeowners or former homeowners remove vents unbeknownst to the potential hazards this could pose. The vents are crucial for safety in ensuring correct air ventilation within the home.

Cooking appliances

Cooking appliances are, on rare occasions, subject to a service due to cooking oil and fats which can clog up the components. Sometimes the cook top or oven does not need replacing, it may just require servicing.

In the majority of cases, the cooker or cook top has not been commissioned, an indication of this may be when the ignitor is not sparking and igniting correctly, or the burner flame is irregular on performance. Commissioning of gas appliances include ensuring the correct gas pressures are set (if they are not already) and ensuring each function operates correctly.

When your appliance is serviced with Frank Britton Plumbing, your service information is entered into our database, you will then receive an automatic email reminder on the recommended service date, providing you have not unsubscribed to our emails.