At Frank Britton Plumbing we have invested in the most advanced technology and equipment for camera inspection for your drainage. When we are called out for a blocked drain, we almost always advise to have the drain inspected with our RIDGID SeeSnake camera to aid in the diagnosis process for determining the cause of the problem and for added peace of mind that the issue will not arise any time soon. One of the most common causes for blocked drains are from tree roots, and when this is the case, we strongly advise to get the drain inspected with our specialist camera and locator.

Once we have detected the issue in the drain, we use the RIDGID SR-20 SeekTech Utility Locator which operates via a sonde frequency to receive signals from the transmitter to determine the exact location of the issue. Once we pinpoint the location, we can dig up the drain in the precise location to repair the pipe or fitting without the need for mass digging. Additional features of the RIDGID SR-20 SeekTech Utility Locator include locating power lines, water pipes, reticulation solenoids and telecommunication lines.

One of the biggest advantages of the RIDGID SeeSnake camera is its capability to see inside your drain whilst also being able to record and take a photo of what we see. Along with the photo, we can also record video footage with commentary at the same time, upon request! Once we have created the video recording, the file will be sent to you via email for your information and it will be stored in our database for reference.

With the specialist technology of the RIDGID SeeSnake camera and RIDGID SR-20 SeekTech Utility Locator we are able to provide a service for the mapping of drains if you do not have the drainage plans available via the building commission website.

The Camera inspection and location devices are charged out at a small additional fee after unblocking a drain on the same day of attendance. If you require a call out to inspect your drain while it is clear we just charge a standard set fee, providing your inspection points have ease of access.

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Drain inspection fees are subject to change and may incur additional fees depending on the ease of access your drain provides for the camera via an inspection point. Please note that the camera will not be used in gullies as this will break the camera. If we have to locate the inspection point and use the building commission website to download the diagram (if available), we will advise you if there would be additional charges incurred through loss of time before work commencement.