If your toilet, shower, bath or sinks are draining slowly then its often a sign that a drain is blocked. Water may not drain away at all if the blockage is particularly bad. Drain blockages can be caused by large objects such wet wipes, nappies or sanitary products or externally by a build up of hair, fat or even invasive tree roots.

Blocked drains are a messy and stressful problem that can also cause  serious problems around your property. Damp, water overflow and health issues can all be caused by an untreated blockage. If you discover a blocked drain it’s important to call a certified plumbing expert rather than attempting to fix it yourself.

Frank Britton Plumbing can unblock your drain with a range of professional equipment.
The Ridgid K-1500 drain machine is used for blockages in the main drain line. Alternatively we use the Ridgid K-45 drain machine for sinks, basins, showers, floor wastes and baths with variety of  heads to cope with any problem.

We can attend and investigate using a process of elimination to identify where the blockage is located. With our specialist equipment we will then be able to remove the blockage.

Contact Frank Britton or call on 0420 239 886 to get your blockage cleared!